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Video of Mixed Media with paste and molds...

Video of Mixed Media with paste and molds...

In Satwa, online scrapbooking store with physical store in Valencia (Spain), we are hooked on Mixed Media. You know, we love working with pastes, moulds, colours, paints... to adorn and decorate our projects with our personality. The most authentic scrapbook.

In Facebook and Instagram we are uploading videos like the ones below so that you can see how to work with the molds and pastes we have in Satwa.

We have worked with the proposals of Prima Marketing and the result can only be described with a "we love" in capital letters.

The details of the moulds with these pastes are really exquisite and will undoubtedly look great in scrap projects.

The first video we show you has been made with glazed paste, you can find it in our Mixed Media section, where we are constantly uploading news :) 

In this case, we have used glazing paste with another colour to the previous one, White Gold. 

And, in this case, we used paperclay.

In the following video we show you some of the moulds we have in the Satwa scrapbooking shop.

We love the result! And you?

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