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Photo Gallery of Satwa, scrapbooking shop

Satwa, an online scrapbooking shop, also has a physical store in Valencia (Spain). Today we want to show you a part of our favorite corners dedicated to scrapbooking. Corners where you will find the same thing that we have in the online store, but with the light of Valencia and the color of Satwa. In Satwa we have dedicated a special space to Alexandra Renke's scrapbooking papers.

They are papers with a resistant grammage, printed on one side, 12 "x12". They bet for the watercolour brushstroke, the delicate and careful details and the unique and exclusive designs.

If you want to see what we are telling you, we leave you a link to Renke products. Think that they also have washi tape and emboss folders... but, any doubt, ask us! (If you click here it will take you directly to Renke scrapbooking papers)


Another one of the corners is for the scrapbooking papers of Maja Design. These papers are double-sided, vintage and romantic, and beautiful! Heavyweight, 12 "x12", we have them individually so you can make your own combinations because they combine all! You only have to choose the designs you like the most. Baby, wedding, spring, Christmas... of real passion!

Maja Design is also available in the online shop. If you click here you will go directly to the scrapbooking papers of this firm that takes care of every detail with sweetness and affection. The albums or cards will never be the same again. We encourage you to take a look to create personal details that will be admired by the lucky recipients.


We like scrapbooking so much that we have a section dedicated to products that are no longer easy to find because they are out of print. We call them "Scrapbooking Treasures", because we really believe that the person who has it will be lucky to have something unique and exclusive that is no longer manufactured.

Among our treasures, we have Martha Stewart dies. The little ones we have left, because they are already very difficult to find, are our crown jewels :) Cenefas, decorations, ornaments... which on this occasion will be difficult to overcome.

It is a section that is growing day by day because they stop making some products because othersare beginning to be made. Therefore, you will find dies for the BigShot of very different brands. They really are quality products, durable and stylish. If you click here, you will go directly to that section.


In our shelves, as you can see in the photos of the store that accompany this article, there are very diverse materials from decorations, ornaments, glues, tools, stamps ... and much more!

We are going to leave you also photos of our collection of Stamping Bella stamps. You will really only see some of them, because we have brought more and in the photo they are not appreciated :) However, you can visit them in our online shop and we will send it to you wherever you tell us! Click here and discover Stamping Bella in Satwa.

Scrapbooking is a world full of opportunities and in Satwa you will find material to create non-stop. If you don't find something, ask us, because if we can get it, we will bring it to you. In this article we have not taught you many things, we still need to see materials for Mixed Media, more decorations, tools, templates, more dies ... but if you take a look around the online store you can get a glimpse to get an idea. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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